Software Training

Schedule custom training and support solutions for your company.

FREE 1-hr Online Training Lessons

Contact us to schedule a free 1 hour training session via an online meeting:
  • Our online meeting software works on all platforms. You can even connect via your phone for those who want to listen but are not in the office.
  • It’s free! We offer no charge training all the time, subject to our availability of course.
  • Meet with one of our technical support staff for up to an hour at a time and get your team moving in IO.
online meeting Training
AkronOhioSky Training

1-DAY IO Headquarters Visit & Training

Visit IO headquarters in Akron, Ohio and meet with multiple IO staff members in training sessions customized to your needs.

  • Four people from your company and 8 hour session maximum.
  • All travel expenses paid by your company.
  • $500 fee, includes lunch provided by InflatableOffice.
  • We will give you an entire day with IO staff to educate your team on all the topics you are interested in.
  • We will plan the day and pick spaces conducive for the training you need.
  • Normally not available January-June.

On-site visit at your facility

You can book one of our technical support staff to visit your location.

  • IO staff will learn how your company works, then help customize your IO account to meet your unique needs.
  • Travel expenses (flight, hotel, transportation) must be covered by your company, minimum $400.
  • Maximum of two days of training per booking at $800/day.
  • Normally not available January-June.
warehouse Training